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The members of the NAMIBIA CONSORTIUM ranges from the traditional Namibian cattle farm with free range hunting with limited number of different plainsgame species for hunting to the 5 star luxury hunting lodge with a wide spectrum of game species to be hunted. You will also find great opportunities to hunt Big Game & Dangerous Game in the Zambezi Region.

List of Namibian Hunting Farms & Outfitters.

ARU Game Lodges

We invite you to come experience the thrill, the adrenalin, the awe of being alive in this ancient land!

Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris

Located in the center of the Okonjati Game Reserve and surrounded by Namibian wilderness. Being above all passionate conservationists, their dream is to offer hunts such to naturally sustain the environment and all its animals, with the interest of the current and the future generations of animals and hunters at heart.

Namibia Hunting Experience

Hunters are invited to the wide open hunting area along the dry river-bed of the Black Nossob, which is the natural habitat of many game species such as the Gemsbok, Hartebeest, Kudu and Warthog. Axel and Celéste Cramer your hosts, will accompany you on your true Namibian Hunting Experience.

Neuhof Safaris Namibia

Experience the magic of Southern Africa, whether hunting to just breaking away from the city life to listen to the wind or the howl of a jackal. Neuhof Safaris is a family operated game farm located in the eastern side of Namibia.

Okaturua Hunting Safaris

With Okaturua you experience ethical hunting, which also includes watching the animals and stalking them. Nothing beats sitting on a hill and watching nature awakening in the valley below. All these aspects in combination with a mature trophy obtained in accordance with the principles of ethical hunting add up to an unforgettable experience.

Omatako Hunting Trails

One of the reasons why so many people choose to hunt with Omatako Hunting Trails is that one stays within the picturesque setting of the actual hunting area, which saves an enormous amount of travel time. Rest assured that the whole team of Omatako Hunting trails will not only make your stay a memorable one, but the trip of a lifetime!

Portsmuts Safaris

The Portsmut Hunting Safaris farm is home to a wide variety of wild animals to satisfy most African hunter’s ambitions. The mountainous and lush veld surrounding the farmhouse creates a raw ambience for your hunting adventure.

Sesembo Hunting Safaris

At Sesembo we pride our self on ethical fair chase, walk and stalk hunting and well managed naturally occurring game.

SFS Hunting Safaris

We will guide you to the true Namibian adventure in our own afrikaans style of hunting traditions. Our unique way of a walk-and-stalk-hunt, produce that bushveld experience that will make you come back to Namibia for more experiences.

Zana Botes Hunting Safaris

Welcome to premier free range and ethical hunting. At Zana Botes we understand that each hunt is personal and requires expert thought and design. 

Otjiruze Safaris

This family-run operation and is one of the oldest, most experienced hunting and safari operations in NAMIBIA.

Ondjiviro Hunting Safaris

Start planning your African Hunting Safari with Ondjiviro Safaris and experience the magnificent Kalahari with its abundance of wildlife and natural beauty. The experienced team will leave no stone unturned in making sure your dreams and expectations of the perfect safari come true.

Map of Namibia