Our dedication is to provide an adventure…

We will guide you to the true Namibian adventure in our own afrikaans style of hunting traditions. Our unique way of a walk-and-stalk-hunt, produce that bushveld experience that will make you come back for more of Namibia. We enjoy the company of groups, single hunters or the complete family. We take care to educate your children or partner in understanding nature. If they are willing, they might even return home with a new mindset. The Namibian bush has its way of teaching you new ways.

Above from all said, we are dedicated in providing you a special hunt through well selected trophies from our regions, farm areas and concession land. This is our main objective in being and making our living through trophy hunting. The map below indicates our location. If you need any more information about our operation, please contact us and we will supply with all necessary information.

On Hartebeestteich-Noord, you will find a very rich variation of game, to satisfy even the most discerned trophy hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike. We are open for both Bow hunter and rifle hunters.

We also hunt on concessions and farms which cover approximately +/- 250.000 hectares throughout Namibia, alongside an experienced professional hunter like Francois Swanepoel. These factors ensure you to get the experience, and the trophy you would expect from an African Hunt.

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    Aru is the only choice for someone looking to experience a true Namibian safari. With two different lodges and two different ecosystems one can experience two safaris in one. The facilities are second to none and the staff will see to your every need. A wide variety of activities are available and there is never a dull moment. You can make the safari be exactly how you want it to be. Put your trust in the Aru team and you will not be disappointed.

    Jon Peterson and Julie Peterson

    This was my second chance to hunt with my good friend John Miller (pior comment) since a disabled hunt in New Mexico,and it far exceded my expectations. What Gysbert and Gert did to get me on animals was never ending. They made the camps and trucks as accessible as possible. Danene and Sandri made me feel like family. Thank you for the time of my life,I will be back…

    Randy Reynolds

    Thanks for a wonderful time with good food and especially really good hunting. Would like to thank all the staff at Veronica and Kalakwa for their contribution to this successful trip.

    Karl Björnsson