Since 2008 we have been serving trophy hunters from more than 35 nations with taxidermy work and logistic solutions for their valuable hunting trophies. 

With our own eyes, we have seen the trophy quality that the hunters harvested, and we know how the hunters have evaluated the outfitters and the hunting farms. 

Some of these outfitters and hunting farms are rated as outstanding and selected to be included in the ‘ First Class Trophy HUNTING CONSORTIUM’. Our selection is based on many years of experience and insights into the trophy hunting community – and as the largest taxidermy company in Europe, we have seen a LOT in the past years…

The benefits

First Class Trophy has for obviously reasons an interest to influence that trophy hunters choose outfitters and hunting farms that actively performs legal, sustainable and ethical hunting.

Through our promotion of the selected hunting farms and outfitters, we actively support legal hunting, conservation and ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources – for the benefit of current and future generations.

Therefore, if you as a trophy hunter choose to hunt with a hunting farm / outfitter in our CONSORTIUM, we will reward you.

First Class Trophy offer up to 20% discount on the taxidermy work to the hunters who book a hunt with one of the outfitters/hunting farms in the HUNTING CONSORTIUM

Qualification criteria’s

We have used Ten criteria to qualify the members of the ‘First Class Trophy HUNTING CONSORTIUM:

  1. Sustainable hunting
  2. Conservation
  3. Hunting ethics
  4. Quality of trophies
  5. Game population
  6. Game species available 
  7. Size of hunting area
  8. Professionalism
  9. Trophy care
  10. Amenities & Service 

Where to hunt

The hunter makes his/her own evaluation and decision where to hunt

First Class Trophy act ONLY as an information provider and NOT as a hunting booking agent that try to sell you a particular hunting farm or outfitter.

Based on the information we provide plus eventual other sources, the hunter makes his/her own comparison, evaluation and decision where to hunt.

All hunting agreements, including prices and payment, payment conditions are solely agreements between the hunter and the outfitter/hunting farm.

The Concept

For the hunter, the concept is simple, easy and rewarding.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the webpage section ‘The First Class Trophy Hunting Consortium – and get an overview of the Consortium members.
  2. Browse through the websites of the Consortium members and check information and prices.
  3. Select the hunting farms/outfitters that makes the best fit for your requirements
  4. Start communication with your preferred outfitters/hunting farms and get a direct price quotation for the hunt.
  5. When you have chosen the hunting farm/outfitter you want to hunt with, you secure your 20 % discount on taxidermy work by downloading the “Taxidermy Discount Voucher”. NB: The 20% discount on taxidermy work is only valid if you have downloaded the ‘Taxidermy Discount Voucher’ before or in connection with the booking of the hunt. The discount is not valid if you download the Voucher during or after the hunt.
  6. The hunting farm/outfitter will automatically get a copy of your “Taxidermy Discount Voucher”, and the hunting farm/outfitter must confirm to First Class Trophy that the “Taxidermy Discount Voucher” is accepted by the hunting farm/outfitter before the Voucher is valid
  7. When First Class Trophy has received the confirmation from the hunting farm/outfitter, we will then send an e-mail to the hunter with final approval of validity for the “Taxidermy Discount Voucher”. Hereafter hunter can proceed with the planning of the hunt directly with the hunting farm/outfitter. For many hunting destination we offer the hunter full transparency with no “ugly” surprises = the shipping/transport cost is included in the price (ALL INCLUSIVE solution). See our pricelists HERE
  8. You go hunting
  9. After the hunt, First Class Trophy prepares the taxidermy quotation based on your instructions and preferences.
  10. After you approve the quotation, First Class Trophy organises the “Dip & Pack” process, the trophy export/import, and the taxidermy work according to your instructions.
  11. First Class Trophy ship the ready trophy mounts to your address (if you live in an EU country) or to an incoming agent import agent (outside the EU).