An African hunting trip should not merely be about the number of trophies taken, it should be a unique experience.

Not only does Namibia offer breathtaking sunsets, but also numerous other experiences to be savoured hands-on in the bush. Hunting with Okaturua is not merely about killing animals, but offers a much more varied program.

With Okaturua you experience ethical hunting, which also includes watching the animals and stalking them. Nothing beats sitting on a hill and watching nature awakening in the valley below.

Sitting around the camp fire under the Southern Cross in a companionable group, you may hear jackals howling and owls hooting while discussing experiences regarding the ways and habits of the animals with your hunting guide and trackers – a wonderful conclusion to a hunting day.

All these aspects in combination with a mature trophy obtained in accordance with the principles of ethical hunting add up to an unforgettable experience.

We accommodate individual travellers, families and groups and your individual preferences will be taken into account.

Okaturua strive to make you feel at home and provide an excellent service throughout.

Meike and Henner Wilckens (with their sons Cedric and Yannic) operate the Krumneck and Okazeni hunting areas with the help of their parents and trained staff.

Meike is the fourth-generation descendent on Krumneck while Henner is the third-generation descendent on Okazeni. Besides hunting the Wilckens manage a big cattle herd where the offset is marketed to European countries as it is free-range beef without any growth stimulants.

Meike studied nature conservation and resource management in Windhoek while Henner completed his engineering studies in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Henner’s parents have been in the hunting business for many years (25+) and Henner’s passion for hunting grew since his early childhood years. He obtained his professional hunters licence when he was 18. Okaturua Hunting was founded in 2010.

Henner is assisted by professional hunters Johannes, Andreas and Kiewid. All three are experienced and passionate hunters who know the bush like the back of their hand. The trackers, skinners, cooks and housekeeping staff are all trained for their tasks by attending relevant courses. Meike and Henner believe in training and education of their long service staff.

Krumneck is situated on the edge of the escarpment forming the transition between the Khomas Hochland and the Namib Desert. The hunting area measures 11 400 ha and is part of the Auas Oanob Conservancy. The guest accommodation is situated on the banks of the Oanob River commanding a breathtaking view of the Krumneck lake, which is home to a variety of water birds such as herons, Egyptian geese and fish eagles.

The Okazeni hunting area measures 10 000 ha and spreads from the foot of majestic Mount Etjo. The landscape is hilly in the west and extends eastwards into the wide open plains of the Omaheke.

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    Thanks for a wonderful time with good food and especially really good hunting. Would like to thank all the staff at Veronica and Kalakwa for their contribution to this successful trip.

    Karl Björnsson

    Aru is the only choice for someone looking to experience a true Namibian safari. With two different lodges and two different ecosystems one can experience two safaris in one. The facilities are second to none and the staff will see to your every need. A wide variety of activities are available and there is never a dull moment. You can make the safari be exactly how you want it to be. Put your trust in the Aru team and you will not be disappointed.

    Jon Peterson and Julie Peterson

    This was my second chance to hunt with my good friend John Miller (pior comment) since a disabled hunt in New Mexico,and it far exceded my expectations. What Gysbert and Gert did to get me on animals was never ending. They made the camps and trucks as accessible as possible. Danene and Sandri made me feel like family. Thank you for the time of my life,I will be back…

    Randy Reynolds